Tallinn, 11 April 2019


Panaviatic AS would like to inform interested parties of non-standard situation happened on a flight earlier today.

Passenger charter flight VPC7 with a planned departure on 11th of April at 01:00 UTC (03:00 AM local Brussels time) from Brussels International airport to Tallinn Lennart Meri. Aircraft has taken off from Brussels airport at 01:14 UTC. During the climb aircraft crew noticed abnormal light vibration at the increased speed. There were no signs of any hazardous malfunctions, all systems were tested before flight and worked normally during taxi and take-off, and there were no reasons for immediate action. Captain of the aircraft for safety reasons has decided not to continue the climb and after consultations with the First officer decided to return to Brussels and inspect the aircraft. In order to maintain normal procedures and reduce landing weight, crew before landing had to burn the fuel in the holding area for approximately 1 hour. Aircraft safely landed at 02:45 UTC at Brussels airport. Passengers were taken to the terminal while the crew was inspecting the aircraft. Later it was discovered by the crew that the reason for the vibration was one of the service panels which was not properly fixed in the locked position and was starting to vibrate at high airspeeds.

Unfortunately, because of the crew duty time limitations the flight VPC7 Brussels–Tallinn could not be continued by the same crew without a rest in hotel. The passengers were informed of the required delay and after consultations they decided to cancel their VPC7 flight. Aircraft will return ferry to homebase airport later today after crew rest.

Aircraft technical details - Bombardier Learjet 31A. Last technical inspection by technical personnel performed on the 10th of April in Tallinn. Crew preflight inspection performed on the 11th of April in Brussels. All inspections passed without any remarks, aircraft is fully serviceable.

Personnel of Panaviatic AS apologizes for the inconveniences caused to the passengers of the mentioned above flight!